• Different Types of Limousines for Luxury Traveling

    Designed to give passenger a private and luxurious means of transport, the first limousine was launched over 100 years ago, in 1902. Over the years, this luxury vehicle has evolved, adding on to its luxuries and comfort. Today, limousines are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, being [...]
  • The Most Unusual Wedding Service In The World

    Weddings are one of the happiest times in a couples life. And couples take great pride arranging transportation for their family and friends. Here is more... It's a celebration of two people coming together as one. It's also one of the few events in our lives where we get all our [...]
  • How To Get The Paparazzi To Your Next Group Event

    One afternoon in Beverly Hills a Rolls Royce made a stop on Rodeo Drive. A woman stepped out of the car. And was instantly swarmed by a mob of paparazzi. Camera flashes went off. Voices everywhere were yelling questions like... "When's you next movie coming out?" "Can you [...]
  • The Hidden Magic of Bounce and Shuttle Buses

    Once the US Postal Service sent out a message to all their carriers. The message said they were supposed to put a sheet of Bounce (yes the famous dryer sheet) in their uniform pockets. Why? Because the dryer sheet has the ability to keep yellow jackets away. Interesting [...]
  • Why hiring a Shuttle Bus for your group beats taxis every time

    If you've never hired a shuttle bus  to move your group to a new venue... ...you're kind of asking asking for trouble. Especially when it comes to corporate events. Whether you need to move your employees or your customers to a new location, the actual experience of being transported [...]
  • The Top 3 Strangest Bars You Have To Visit

    When it comes to having a great night out fun with your friends two things are important. The place you go to. And how you get there. Lets talk about places first. If you want a night that rivals what happened in the movie "The Hangover", picking the right place can make all the [...]
  • 2.5 years, 33 Countries, 209 Beds and 1 Awesome Party Bus

    On February 2010 something simply remarkable happened. Two women - Aga & Iza - originally from Poland, met by chance in the United States. Barely knowing each other, these two women made a decision most people would never even consider. They decided to drop everything, take their [...]
  • The secret to how a Limousine can skyrocket your employees productivity

    Can a limousine service help increase the productivity of your employees? Check it out. A study funded by Make Their Day, an employee motivation firm, surveyed 1,200 U.S. employees from a broad cross-section of industries. What they found was... - 83% of people said recognition [...]
  • How two goats and Limousine can get your company higher value clients

    There once was a mighty torrent of water flowing at the bottom of a deep mountain chasm. At the top of the chasm, a tree had fallen forming a bridge uniting the two sides. However the fallen tree was so narrow two squirrels would not have been able to pass by each other. Now one [...]
  • How a limousine service can make your small business go viral

    It's the fantasy of every small business owner. To have their business go viral. Where customers and profits bust through the roof. But the question is, "How exactly can that be done?" The answer I discovered came from a most unexpected source. England. Even more unexpected [...]